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Ep. 015 - The Art of the Pitch:
How to Pitch to Investors, Get Funded, and Win Clients

with Todd Dean of

“The investment came from someone who knew someone… who happens to be in the industry who knows the space that wrote the cheques... They don’t teach you that in school. It’s never who you think it is who writes the cheque.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #015 with Todd Dean

Meet Todd Dean, a Montana native and natural ‘Deal Maker’ has been connecting people and businesses in the entrepreneurial investment community for years.

Besides being a key partner at Blackhawk bringing a unique dimension to the firm with regards to access to investor groups the world over, Todd is the founder of Angel Market Consulting, a global, full-service venture capital and investment banking firm focused on the needs of early-stage growth businesses. He is also founder of the Keiretsu Forum Northwest back in 2005; a powerful collaborative network of the world’s largest angel investor group with 850 accredited investor members in 19 chapters on three continents whose members have invested more than $200m in 260 companies in technology, consumer products, healthcare/life sciences and real estate segments with high growth potential.

During the past four years, Todd has focused much of his time to business education and financial literacy for young adults. He is an adjunct professor for the University of Washington, Bothell campus. The primary objective of his courses introduce students to real world sales methods, sales management concepts and strategies presented by guest speakers active in the venture capital and private equity industry.

Todd is also an avid volunteer and works with several regional charities, boards, and organizations; the Junior Achievement, Montana Ambassadors, SCORE, University of Washington, Girls Giving Back and Washington State News Council.

Todd resides in the Seattle, WA where he enjoys water skiing and attending matches with his son who is a nationally recognized US Rugby All-American Team athlete and is on the USA U-20 team.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • How to use an easy “checklist” to instantly make sure you’re prepared for a business pitch with any investor… so you’ll always get a follow-up meeting no matter how well (or how poorly) your business is doing
  • The truth about business shows like Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank – and why 99% of all viewers are “blind” to a key business secrets offered on the show
  • Here’s the smartest ways to attract hot talent in your company without paying high wages – amazing tricks that work even during in an economic downturn
  • How to build a huge network of 3,000-4,000 investors using simple strategies
  • The 5 “fundamental investing questions” asked by investors that most business owners screw up on entirely
  • How to master your business pitch in the shortest time possible… while you get better funding offers every time you stand in front of an investor
  • The fastest and easiest way to choose between angel funding or venture capital funding
  • How to pitch to investors, get funded, and win clients
  • A highly successful investment consultant’s secret “insider” tips on being a true entrepreneur
  • And much, much more!

Full Transcript of Interview:

Resources mentioned:

“Success By Ten” by George Russell
“Service America” by Karl Albrecht


“The investment came from someone who knew someone… who happens to be in the industry who knows the space that wrote the cheques… They don’t teach you that in school. It’s never who you think it is who writes the cheque.”

“I’ll ask an entrepreneur: “What is your exit strategy?”. The entrepreneur will tell me 3-5 years. The reality is 7-10 years. If you get lucky, it’s 5-7 years.”

“You have to let go of control and you have to take risk in order for a company to scale. It’s an art. There’s no black and white about it.”

“There are certain building blocks that an entrepreneur HAS to do… If an entrepreneur calls me, I’m going to ask him five questions, and it is going to be no more than 10-15 minutes probably at most. By the end of the 15 minutes, I’m going to know whether I want to take a further look at this company or not.”