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Silvie Silver

Ep. 020 - Sexy & Smart: How To Look Good,
Feel Good, and Follow Your Dreams!

with Silvie Silver of

“I don’t compete. I create my dreams.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #020 with Silvie Silver:

Silvie Silver is a female professional wrestler and model.

Silvie has always been athletic since early childhood years. She attended an extraordinary elementary school that specialized in competitive gymnastics. It is where she discovered her passion for sports and fitness. Over the years Silvie participated in many competitions, she excelled in short distance runs (100M), sport hand gun shooting, and other sports such as Basketball and floor gymnastics.

Her passion grew beyond fitness, she found a new love for singing and acting. In face, she has a maxi CD with a very popular Rap group in Europe called V.S.O.P., however, she never had a chance to pursue acting. Silvie found herself back in the fitness industry where, she began training in kick boxing with Twin Dragons in Toronto a few years ago.Her ultimate dream was wrestling and body building, and she will discuss how to follow your dreams.

She grew up watching Hulk Hogan on Euro sport along with her most significant idol Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her life later on took a turn in different direction temporary. Which helped her make necessary changes and really focus on her dreams. She began competing in fitness competitions, along with light weight body building (figure and fitness) and quickly became successful in a very short amount of time.

Everything was falling to place; she became Miss Fitness Star Canada, placing 3rd in 2011. As well as, some excellent rankings with other body building federations like the OPA (Ontario Physical Associations). She became popular through modeling and luckily it helped kick off her career where she is now very busy with things like modeling for magazines, doing promos for TV shows, athletic wear, sport drinks,pin ups and covers on news papers and magazines.

Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • How to dominate an industry with your personal brand and build an audience of die-hard fans
  • The uncensored, behind-the-scenes look into the sexy (and highly competitive) worlds of female body-building and professional female wrestling
  • How to instantly launch a successful career in any new industry… while having no prior industry connections, experience or skill set
  • How to easily turn dreams into reality by using simple, yet powerful visualization techniques
  • The “Powerful And Proven Road map To Success” for a regular person to fast-track their way to being a popular celebrity
  • How to follow your dreams quickly and easily attract exactly what you want in life using the “Law Of Attraction”
  • The step-by-step guide to living a rich, confident and fulfilling life with no regrets
  • The secrets to unlocking your “inner persona” to instantly create a powerful aura of charisma
  • Discover fastest and easiest ways to create self-confidence even… proven to work even you’re at the lowest levels of society
  • And much, much more

Full Transcript of Interview:


“Most people do nothing for their dreams. Nothing. They go to work every day. They do whatever they think they have to do for their money to bring food on the table and they dream when they’re watching TV.”

“I reached my level of success because of my mindset, spirituality and my beliefs that I learned consciously.”

“I don’t compete. I create my dreams.”

“I have never have to worry about my character in the ring because it was me. It was coming truly from the bottom of my heart and it was easy to do.”

“When I want something or when I visualize or when I apply the law of attraction, the opportunity always comes to me and I grab it. I still have to work. Nobody does it for me, I wish.”