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Ep. 002 - The Power of Wealth Triangle: How To Transform A Small,
Traditional Business Into a Money Machine

with Sam Beckford of

“Most businesses save their way into bankruptcy. They refuse to spend money on what’s most important.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #002 with Sam Beckford

Achieving millionaire status at age 34, Sam Beckford lives the ultimate life of success and fun. As the top expert in small business and commercial real estate, Sam is regularly featured in the media including national television on BNN, BBC, The Huffington Post, and more. Sam teaches a low-risk formula known as The Wealth Triangle that he has used to compound his own wealth which has led him to acquire more than $11 million in commercial properties – and while starting with nothing.

For the past 12 years, Sam Beckford has been the #1 speaker in the Music and Dance Industry. Through his coaching programs, Sam has taught thousands of business owners across North America to own commercial properties and create wealth. Sam is now semi-retired and enjoys life through his favourite hobbies with his family. Such hobbies include boating with in his 33 foot boat, buying electric sports cars, and coaching business owners in his private 8000 square feet dream home and luxurious coaching center.

Life wasn’t always this good. Discover how Sam Beckford went from literally making $0 in income and from failing in 5 consecutive businesses to unlocking the true potential of small businesses, commercial real estate and life itself.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • How to ethically trade $10-$50 in exchange $5000 in business with your customers while keeping them happier than ever and having them refer your business to their friends and family
  • Surprising hands-on strategies of Sam Beckford to create lucrative, hands-off businesses – without needing expensive tools… and without even using email and business cards
  • Revealing step-by-step how to own your first piece of commercial real estate then turning that property into a “get-rich quick” source of income which grows your worth by hundreds of thousands of dollars every year
  • How to use energy management and The Wealth Triangle to create easy wealth – Sam Beckford shows how he lives the 4-hour workweek now and how it is not a myth
  • Where ground-breaking innovation for most businesses actually comes from
  • Why a lack of experience can be an advantage used to produce astounding results
  • Simple tactics on how to get paid first without doing the work like most rich people
  • And much, much more!

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“Most businesses save their way into bankruptcy. They refuse to spend money on what’s most important.”

“Let’s play a game called I spend $2 on a card and you spend $5000 in my business. How often do you want to play that game as a business owner?”

“Rich people get paid before they do the work. Poor people get paid after they do the work.”

“ You only need one property to change your life. It’s a lot easier than you think”.

“When it comes to my success, people are more shocked at what I don’t do than what I do, do.”

“Replace your compulsion to do, with the compulsion to be.”