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Ep. 045 - The Joys Of Monthly Recurring Revenue:
How To Build A Worldclass Membership Site And Also Have Wealth, Health, Love And Happiness

with Ryan Lee of

“The whole idea of people trying to clone me or be like me, or be like fanboys, that frightens me. I don’t want that. Don’t be me, be you.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #045 with Ryan Lee:

Ryan Lee has a borderline obsession with entrepreneurship and independence. He started his first website back in 1999 while still working full-time at a children’s rehab hospital.

That site was to promote his sideline personal training business. He grew that one fitness site into massive empire spanning multiple markets which now generate 7-figures per month of income in everything from health and nutrition to software and membership sites. Ryan is the author of 2 books “The Millionaire Workout” and “Passion to Profits”.

His live sell-out events have become legendary including the Continuity Summit and DotComXpo. He has also contributed to the NY Times Best-Selling Series “The Worst Case Scenario Business Survival Guide” and has been featured in dozens of books including Moonlighting on the Internet, Masters of Marketing, Attention! This Book will Make You Money, and The Phenomenon movie. And he was also featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, the cover of Millionaire Blueprints magazine and dozens of other major media outlets.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • How to be a loving spouse, a great parent and also run a multimillion dollar business out of a coffee-shop… the truth is you’ll have to work more than 4 hours a week, but here’s the formula to having more money, time and balance than 97% of entrepreneurs in the world
  • The secret to customer retention on a membership site – using these exact methods, Ryan has kept some of his members for over 17 years
  • Say goodbye to boring, cliché content that put your audience to sleep. Here’s the quickest way to create addicting content and never running out of things to post on social media ever again
  • How to smoothly transition from one personal brand to another without confusing your audience and losing your most profitable clients
  • Warning: Avoid the most painful mistake you can make when running a membership site business. This mistake costs entrepreneurs up to 50% of your profits every month and gets a $0 return. (Hint: it has to do setting up the wrong deal with a cofounder)
  • How to be a successful entrepreneur when you don’t have a mentor (for people who you don’t plan on getting one or you just can’t seem to find one)
  • Why Facebook Live, available free to anyone with a Facebook account, is one of the highest-converting selling tools a business owner can use today
  • How to tell the most authentic version of your superhero story and attract your ideal clients who stay loyal to stick with you through thick and thin
  • The time-tested secret to picking a profitable niche… and in case you didn’t know, picking the right niche is one of the most important first steps if you want to put together a highly-profitable membership site that creates a steady monthly income
  • How to market yourself with integrity and avoid becoming a “douchepreneur” your friends and family are ashamed of
  • And much, much more!

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“Stop writing like a copywriter and start communicating like a friend.”

“Everyone now in the whole marketing world, everything’s about: “Dude you’ve got to hustle. If you’re not hustling you’re dying. I’m going to outwork you. I’m working while you’re sleeping.” You know what? Knock yourself out my friend.”

“You got to do what makes you feel right and feels good in your soul. Everyone’s different and is motivated by different things.”

“The big trend in marketing now, it seems to be with guys you’ve got to grow a beard and yell at people, and curse and flip the bird, and be this aggressive alpha guy. That’s not me. I just want to enjoy it and smile and be a family guy.”

“The whole idea of people trying to clone me or be like me, or be like fanboys, that frightens me. I don’t want that. Don’t be me, be you.”