Free Exclusive Video Interview - Meet The $360-Million Dollar Man

Ep. 009 - Confessions of a Billionaire Serial Entrepreneur

with Richard Heftel of The Lincoln Center

“Unfortunately, we live in a society where people are focused on how much they make compared to others, than how much they make compared to what they really need.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #009 with Richard Heftel 

Richard Heftel. His family has its roots in broadcasting, developing the largest Spanish-language radio station group in the United States. Heftel broadcasting went through alterations and was finally folded into the Spanish television giant Univision, in a merger and over three billion dollars.

After a brief retirement, Richard subsequently opened a number of in a variety of industries.

A few of his companies include apartment complexes, copper and gold mining, natural supplements, and even cosmetic surgery.

Richard is also the principle of The Lincoln Center – Spokane’s premier event facility! With an elegant Art Deco inspired interior design, modern technologies and 29,000 square foot of event space, The Lincoln Center offers unrivaled hospitality and an impressive atmosphere for large galas, corporate meetings, performances and community events.

Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • How to find your perfect business partner and avoid the most common mistakes 99% of business owners make in the process
  • Why every investor must use the “cash-back-first formula” for investing – Discover a billionaire’s blueprint for creating successful business deals (big or small) designed to quickly maximize returns while minimizing risk
    How to hire top-performance salespeople who come with “instant, walk-in sales” (without paying high commissions and wages)
  • How to build multiple businesses that go from zero to $1M in sales within a year by leveraging a secret, high-traffic platform
  • A billionaire’s truthful advice on facing the “pivot or persevere dilemma”
  • Discover the secret strategies of “service bartering” – the best way to receive free services legally and ethically (without giving away equity in a company)
  • How to massively increase sales by using clever and proven “pay-only-for-results” marketing strategies
  • The quickest and surest-way to be a successful entrepreneur by using other people’s time, money and other resources
  • How to maximize wealth by dividing investments into “passive cash-flow investments” and “appreciation investments”
  • And much, much more!

Full Transcript of Interview:

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“Unfortunately, we live in a society where people are focused on how much they make compared to others, than how much they make compared to what they really need.”

“I’ve never met anyone at their end of their life who said, I wish I spent one more day at the office. I think in general, we spent too much time focused on gaining more, whether we need it or not, and not enough time on the things that do matter in the long-run.”

“I don’t look for sales-people who are detail oriented. I have had very successful sales people that were A.D.D. and couldn’t fill out a contract to save their life, but they can sell to people. I get sales assistants to fill out the paper work properly and clean up after the sales people.”

“If getting out of a particular type of vehicle makes you feel better about yourself then things aren’t right.”