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Ep. 044 - The Pinnacle Of Facebook Advertising:
Discussions With North America's Leading Facebook Strategist On Breakthrough Facebook Strategies

with Nicholas Kusmich of The Accelerator Alliance

“I have one metric that matters and that metric is return on investment. That’s the only thing I care about when we run ads.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #044 with Nicholas Kusmich:

Nicholas Kusmich, founder of The Accelerator Alliance and the creator of The Rapid Scaling Matrix. He is best known as a leading Facebook Advertising strategist.

He has been quietly operating behind the scenes, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and up to 17,804.9% return on investment, running the highest ROI producing Facebook advertising campaigns, in the industry, as the “secret weapon” of his A-List Clients, including marketing titans like Joe Polish and Jay Abraham, best-selling authors like Robin Sharma and Janet Attwood, television personalities like Dean Graziosi, award winning film producers like Jeff Hayes, and top businesses coaches like Lee McIntyre, just to name a few.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • The secret to selling $10,000, $20,000, or even $50,000 dollar offers using nothing more than a three-step funnel on Facebook
  • How to position yourself to attract the most affluent, generous and highest-paying clients who want to work exclusively with you… (Action-takers with big dreams – this section is for you. These positioning tips will give you insights worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions in extra profits every year)
  • How to sell using the “Feel-Felt-Found Formula” a.k.a. the favorite persuasion formula of world-class thought-leaders and storytellers
  • What email marketers don’t want you to know – Discover the power of Facebook Groups to create deep and intimate bonds with your tribe. You’ll finish this episode thinking: “If I can do ALL of this on Facebook, is email marketing even worth my time?”
  • The word-for-word script to put on your thank you page to bump up sales… Use this “set-it-and-forget-it” technique and let the power of the internet quickly multiply your income
  • What NEVER to spend your Facebook budget on. Never. This is a trap Facebook tries to force on you. But don’t listen to them. You’re almost guaranteed to waste your money…
  • How to use Facebook Ads on a tiny budget and produce record-breaking results
  • The one part of the buyer’s journey you MUST offer an upsell – the extra sales coming in from this added step will feel like the easiest money you’ve ever made
  • For men and women interested in eCommerce: If you don’t have a lead-magnet, here’s a genius way to target and convert Facebook users into happy first-time shoppers at your web-store
  • How to give products and services instant high-status, trust and premium value in the mind of your ideal buyer. Elite entrepreneurs use this product naming process all the time… the method’s just never been shared on-air before
  • And much, much more!

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“I have one metric that matters and that metric is return on investment. That’s the only thing I care about when we run ads.”

“If you’re living in today’s world, there is no reason, ever where you should second guess where your next client or customer will come from.”

“Good communications is not when your ideal prospect understands you. Good communications is when your ideal prospect feels understood BY you.”

“Whether you’re B2C, or B2B, to me at the end of the day it’s all H2H – it’s all human-to-human.”

“To me marketing is nothing more than establishing pre-eminent positioning in your market place and then reinforcing that positioning over, and over, and over, and over again.”

“Everybody thinks they’re Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and so they wear jeans and a black turtle neck… No, you’re not!”