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Marx Acosta-Rubio

Ep. 038 - The Slumdog Millionaire From Venezuela
and How He Lost And Made Tens of Millions

with Marx Acosta-Rubio of (Business Owner / Entrepreneur)

“You’re always 2-3 moves away from greatness in business.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #038 with Marx Acosta-Rubio:

Marx Acosta-Rubio is an immigrant Deca-millionaire. With a success story all can aspire to with powerful business growth strategies.

Sure, we’re always marveled at the billionaires or those who have earned hundreds of millions of dollars in selling their companies or getting in early on a cool venture.

Some people are lucky like that.

But… what about for the rest of us?

How do we REALLY attain millions of dollars and still achieve a happy life with wife (or hubby) and kids, friends, health, etc.?

Marx made his first millions of dollars (CASH) growing a company that sells toner and office supplies via the phone. Not sexy, not Internet based, not Uber(ish) and not technology based either.

It’s much harder and much more admirable to earn tens of millions of dollars selling a commodity.  And doing it with zero cash to start.

Marx was born in Caracas Venezuela, and migrated to the U.S. in October 1st 1977.  He spoke no English and was being raised by a single mom.

He got in trouble at school, only got D’s and F’s and flunked 5th grade. His mom sent him back to live in Venezuela during the 10th grade because she could not afford to feed him.

By the time Marx got back, there wasn’t much hope for him.  He smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day, woke up with a beer and went to sleep with a Whiskey.  He had been in shootouts and caused havoc wherever he went.

But one day Marx had an epiphany.

By the time he was 28 he was making $250,000 selling for an organization, which fired him after 3 ½ years.   He got fired because the owner of the company lacked integrity and Marx let him know it.

By this time he owned a home, had a beautiful wife and had a one-year-old baby boy but zero money in the bank. In fact, he was still $35,000 in debt.

So as soon as he got home, he told his wife he was fired and she quickly put the kids at grandmas, got a biz license and made Marx get on the phone the very next day.

First year he sold $800,000 on the phone. By age 31 he had $1 million CASH in the bank. By 37 he had over $10 million CASH in the bank. By 38 he had $0 CASH in the bank, and by 39 He had NEGATIVE $2 million

After wanting to give up and asking himself “why bother?”…  he built it back up, only this time he did it faster, smarter and with much more diversity than the first time.

Now at 46, he is worth more (in CASH) than he ever was.

It’s one thing to go from rags to riches.  It’s another thing to go from rags to riches to rags, to negative rags, to more riches.

Marx will share the principles that really work and are still working for him and many other entrepreneurs.

Now Marx owns or has part ownership in thirteen companies where he focuses on helping them grow and develop into better companies.

He has developed a principle called V2GP2 . Which he applies and always works.

He has also developed what the REAL ROLE of the entrepreneur should be. When he helps entrepreneurs implement this into their businesses, they experience stratospheric growth.

This ain’t the typical “ we’re CRUSHING IT” internet marketing hype.” Marx is all about the truth. His system generates REAL business growth in any industry.

Listen intently to Marx and Dan’s conversation when he shares the four aspects of the entrepreneur’s role. What really separates his organizations, which are doing much better than any of their competitors.  His V2GP2 formula and how he is running his organizations now and how he came back from disaster, where he almost lost it ALL (Wife and kids included).

Note: Marx does NOT do seminars, does not have info-products and will not give his info out. If you want to connect with him, you can reach Dan Lok and Dan will forward your message to him.  Marx has been asked to do seminars and books etc., and has declined. He believes he owes it to his partners and his clients to give them his full attention. Though that may change in the future, for now he is still a very private person.

To connect with Marx Acosta-Rubio, email Dan Lok:

Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • How to be a master-level salesman by emulating Tony Robbin’s NLP and persuasion tactics (warning: you may see this as manipulative and this will freak-out and offend many people)
  • Why some entrepreneurs are destined to lose every penny they’ve earned and will never be successful again… while others can lose it all and make it all back (and more) almost instantly
  • How average entrepreneurs can become amazing entrepreneurs with one simple fix in mental dialogue
  • The #1 most important factor for success for any organization (more important than leadership and culture) proven by the Harvard Business of School
  • Why the most commonly practiced “rules of goal-setting” can be damaging for most and downright stupid
  • Business growth strategies: how to have explosive growth in your business using “The V2GP2 Formula”… the exact formula took an electrician from making $12K a year to making $250K a year and a dead-broke, drug-addict to earning $53K a month
  • Why “finding your passion” (wrongly advocated by Steve Jobs and so many others) is dangerous and misleading advice… and the truth of what you actually need to live a life of motivation, achievement and happiness
  • How to use “meta-programs” to inspire even the laziest people to take action and create outstanding results in business and in health
  • Why simple principles in martial arts can improve an entrepreneur to unlock their fullest potential
  • And much, much more!

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“Someone asked me: “How did you become a millionaire?” I said: “Malnutrition. You try that.”

“Entrepreneurs need to be like a wild stallion horse until they find the right trainer and right course by which they can win.”

“You’re always 2-3 moves away from greatness in business.”

“Motivation is overrated. Inspiration is way more important.”

“What inspires me the most is to inspire others.”

“If you don’t like money, don’t be an entrepreneur. It’s that simple.”

“Life is nothing but a collection of experiences, their intensity and their frequency.”

“As an entrepreneur, you don’t need more time. You need more space to think.”