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Ep. 006 - How A Maverick Entrepreneur Uses Technology
To Revolutionize An Industry

with Luke Bowen of ATT Reports

“I enjoy the thrill of the hunt.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #006 with Luke Bowen

At 14 years old, Luke was a successful door-to-door salesman for car wash services, construction services, business maintenance services, and conducting telemarketing as well. Larger successes in business soon followed. At age 16, Luke had already moved out to live on his own and he discovered how to disrupt a traditional market using technology and which made him over $40,000 a month. Most of his friends had been working for his business at the time. His businesses took off from there.

Today, Luke Bowen is an international businessman and respected serial entrepreneur. He is the President of Advanced Assessment Technologies as well as partners in, as well as several other companies.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • What businesses with tiny budgets and minimal cash flow can do to instantly and dramatically outcompete even the biggest competition
  • Amazing secrets a serial entrepreneurs uses to “connect the dots” between people, places and things to create million dollar business ideas
  • How to live a fun life with no regrets while having business breakthroughs like a high performance entrepreneur
  • The revealing story of how a 15-year old businessman moved out to live on his own and quickly became a self-made millionaire
  • How to use the “Power Of Now” to effectively live the ultimate life of success
  • Eye-opening tips on leveraging a board of directors and mastermind group to create highly lucrative business strategies and ideas
  • And much, much more!

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