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john bromley

Ep. 049 - The Business of Philanthropy –
How One Man On a Mission Fund-raised Over $200 Million in 6 Years

with John Bromley of

“Giving back is not about being rich. Giving back is about being engaged with your community.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #049 with John Bromley:

John Bromley facilitates benevolence. He provides strategic advice about financing and organizational structure to local, national and international charities, foundations, non-profits, private and public companies. As the CEO and founder of CHIMP, John develops web-based, software platforms that encourage mass awareness of and participation in the benevolent sector and describes the importance of philanthropy.

John has always been around charity in one way or another, mostly because of his dad, Blake Bromley, who’s one of the world’s leading charity lawyers. So after university and a few years working in corporate finance at RBC Capital Markets and PricewaterhouseCoopers, he joined Blake, and we started Benefic Group to fill the void in specialized expertise in charity law, strategy and policy in Canada. Benefic has worked with hundreds of local and international donors, charities, foundations, governments, non-profits and for-profits to provide strategic and legal advice, and arrange several billion dollars in giving.

In recent years, John has shifted his focus to how we use technology, social media and internet culture to improve charity. In how the internet is starting to change the way people interact with, transact with and learn about charity. And in working to shape charity’s entry into online culture, so that technology improves, and doesn’t harm charity by increasing public access and decreasing charity’s costs.

In fact, Chimp recently surpassed the $200 million mark in processed charitable donations. $100 million of that has been given just over the past 12 months.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • How to run a multimillion dollar charity with little-to-no fees using a series of banking loopholes
  • The big secret all charity-donors know about taking action – knowing this secret will help 99% of entrepreneurs overcome procrastination and hit bigger profit goals – guaranteed
  • What the most respected charities in the world are hiding about their sales infrastructure – here’s an insider’s look at what’s really going on every time you donate
  • How to earn your “10,000 hours of career experience” in just one year… without losing sleep or disappointing your loved ones
  • The #1 way to quickly convince your market to replace old habits with new ones – this is a MUST know strategy for all business owners with disruptive businesses and technology
  • The importance of philanthropy: How to give back to the world and feel great as a man or woman doing everyday transactions
  • The bizarre correlation between the world’s richest people and philanthropy… and despite popular belief, why they usually become philanthropists before they make their fortunes
  • How to leverage your lack of experience in a market and create TRULY disruptive business… use this and rise to the ranks of Uber, AirBnb and the other great businesses of our time
  • And much, much more!

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“If you’re the average Canadian or America, you only give to charities when you ask. So that’s a problem. Unless there’s someone trying to sell you, you’re not giving.”

“Be more scared when people aren’t making mistakes than when they are making mistakes. People will always make mistakes. The problem with “mistakes that aren’t being made” is the problems still exist… you just can’t see them.”

“Do not accept the status quo – unless you really choose to.”

“Giving back is not about being rich. Giving back is about being engaged with your community.”

“The difference between entrepreneurs/ donors with other people is the willingness to do something; the willingness to act on impulses and ideas.”