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Silvie Silver

Transcript of Interview with Silvie Silver


Dan: Welcome to another episode of shoulders of Titans. This is Dan Lok and one of the feedback I get from you guys, listeners is that hey Dan why do you only bring on the male entrepreneurs? What about the female entrepreneurs?

Well, today, I have a special treat for you. Today, I have the privilege of bringing you a female entrepreneur. But she is more than just an entrepreneur, she is also a professional model, a celebrity and a wrestling champion. A true immigrant success story, an amazing individual who has got both brains and beauty. So one of my goals is not just to bring you role models in business, but role models in life. Any exceptional individual who has accomplished greatness in their chosen field as far as I am concerned I want them on the show. So I am very happy to introduce you to my dear friend, Silvie Silver.

Silvie, welcome to the show.

Silvie: Hi Dan, how are you? Thank you so much for having me.

Dan: I am great. Thank you for being in the show.  Silvie, for our listeners, tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into what you do today.

Background: Singing Career

Silvie: I am doing so many things. I was born in Hungary and I was born in a communism. I grew up a little bit in communism so it was very strict in my country as much as I can remember. My parents are good people. They have jobs, we had food, we had shelter but nothing really extra. Nothing you know what they taught that if you have enough food on your table, and you have a shelter then your life is great.

So this is how I grew up. If I wanted to have a little bit more then my mother would yell at me that why are you being like that, you don’t have to be the one to have more, you should be satisfied with what you have now. So that kind of mentality and I always had big dreams as a kid. I always felt like I don’t belong in Hungary. I know this sounds strange and I had no idea whatsoever that I am going to immigrate.

I had no plans to immigrate. But it was always on my mind even as a child. As I was growing up, I guess I was growing up in poorness somewhat. I have a very good mother. She raised the three of us by herself. She used to be a registered nurse—good woman. Then I was getting into my teenage years, 14, 15—I always wanted to be a singer and an actor. I love entertainment and I love entertaining people, I love comedy. I love making fun of people and myself. It’s true. I just wanted to sing. So me and my friends made a female group and these are just really small stories but my bigger stories are coming from that because all my dreams started to be bigger and going on from there on. We had this female group we can call and then from then on.

Dan: What’s the group’s name?

Silvie: You know I think it’s hard to remember, I was 13 or 14 but don’t laugh but I think it was Wild Cats.

Dan: Wild Cats.

Silvie: Something like that. We were the rockers. We had long hair. Actually I had so long but the other one is there. We just wanted to be the big female band and we were dreaming going like you know—whatever. So it went on for a couple of years. It was nice. We made a little bit of a name in the small town. And then from then on, I went to school and nothing interesting, very boring and then I come close to again, now very professional way to sing. I met these people.

You see here when it comes to me the law of attraction into my life like unconsciously that whatever I had on my mind I wanted I was always visualized it but with lots of emotion. And it was like very often visualized it. So I came close to it and then I started to sing in this group which became really famous for years but in the same I was a bit of a traveler. I was very interested in traveling. So I was traveling as much as I can. Backing and stopping cars. It wasn’t dangerous back then. Then we went around Europe and I had some cousins in Canada and my cousins used to have a store.

So somewhere around when I was 20, I had a chance to come to Canada, just for travel, to look around. I loved it here. I stayed. I never meant to immigrate then again and whatever I did it was all unconscious. I did not do anything because I wanted to. I was just going kind of with the flow on my own but with my own brain. I did not listen to anyone. I did whatever I wanted to do. Very early on I met my ex-husband and early on in my life, I had a kid and I knew that in the meantime when I was married and having my kid, because I couldn’t finish my studies in Hungary, because I stayed in Canada, that’s why my singer career kind of like ended because I chose Canada instead of that. But the group stayed together and they were very successful for another 10 years or something like that.

Dan: Wow, what’s the group’s name?

Silvie: The SOP, if you want to look it up online. I finished my studies here. The first time when I started doing plans in my life, it was very hard, but I finished some of my studies. I became a nurse. I finished my high school here because I realized my Hungarian high school is not going to work here so I did high school here in Canada. I did nursing school. I finished it, I graduated when I was nine months pregnant.

Then this boredom came into my life. You know that I think that this is my route, this is not my way, this is not what I want, this is not who I am. I started realizing all these things as I was getting older. I am like, okay I had to do something about it. This is where I started to read a lot. I read a lot of self-help book. I was like, one day I want to have my own business that’s for sure. So I did beauty school. I said, I am just going to have a spa or whatever. I am going to be my own boss. But in the meantime I always wanted to be a bodybuilder.

Bodybuilder Dreams

Dan: Wow, from a singer to a bodybuilder. That’s a big gap in between.

Silvie: I know my personality is very creative. I am very colorful. I think all of us have many interests in life and there are many things I always wanted to try. I never had the guts but when I realized that I am actually a very strong person and I am able to do whatever I want to do, that’s when I started to make plans.

Dan: How old were you when you had this idea that I want to be a bodybuilder?

Silvie: Always. That has always been there since I was 12.

Dan: But now finally you’re like it’s time, you want to do this.

Silvie: Everything came into my life when I started to make real decisions and I realized that it’s actually working. I couldn’t believe I can make my own decisions. I am not a feminist at all. I like to be a woman and I like my place in the world but somewhat I like women power that as a woman I don’t want to be depending on the man. You know how are like most of the women goes and having family, they stop working and then 10, 15 years later they found out that it’s not going to work and then one day they wake up they have nothing and they can’t even go back to work. I never wanted to be that story.

Dan: You want to be independent.

Silvie: Yes.

Dan: So the bodybuilding. You said, you know what I am just going to be a bodybuilder.


Silvie: So this is how it came. When I decided that I am going to divorce the wrong man I am married to, and I knew I needed a better job to do it on my own. This is the time when I started to read a lot of self-help book. Obviously here it comes into the picture. I think the first book I read was the Secret obviously. I read it like maybe 10 times. By the time I understood anything of it. And then from then on, authors in the book I started to research them and I started to buy their books. I was really truly reading a lot of self-help and that started to help me and started to boost my confidence and I started to use the methods mentioned and I realized that it works.

It was very powerful. It’s not that what works and I want to do and if I put my mind to it and I set my mind to it, and I just make a plan to it then it works. Whatever I wanted to do truly from my heart it always work like no efforts.

Whatever I felt like maybe it’s not meant to be, then it was always then it was always somewhat a struggle. So this is how I based my decisions, like this seems like a lot of struggle and it’s not happening and you know what I need to turn away and I have to go another way or it’s not meant for me. So this is how I choose my path.

So I became a single mom and I saw many people and some of my cousins, some of my friends that they are struggling, they are being on bad fair. Listen I have been eating from food banks when I was eight months pregnant because I was a student. I have been from the bottom to the top, in between but from then on when I was dreaming that my God I was standing in the line up in the food bank with this big stomach eating like expired food.

I said one day if I am going to make it and if I am going to be in good, I am going to help these food banks. It’s great how they are helping people and one people can help others or whatever you believe in what you want to help. I had no idea I am ever going to make it at that point but that was what I was thinking while I was in the line up. Just go back to my story and I become a single person and I had no money, my God, I was working. I was actually a manager at the airport at the spa, post security and I started as an employee. Just a little manicurist because I had a beauty diploma in aesthetics. I was this little manicurist in the airport doing everybody’s nails. I started thinking at that time, I had already used the law of attraction kind of like visualizing a lot.

You know I want to become a manager of this place. And guess what, six months later I was the manager of two stores and I was able to move on with my life. So I was able to get myself an apartment. I started small. I had a small apartment first. I was budgeting. I was able to buy a new car. All of a sudden things have started happening to me the way I wanted it. The more things that happened to me the more I realized that I can control this. That I can actually do whatever I want to do. Then, my idea, it has to come in truthfully from the heart. It has to be decided what you want and you have to put your heart in it. It has to have the feelings to it. It is not enough that I mean I can do with my brain a lot of things but when your heart is in it. That’s what works like a lot really.

Dan: So Silvie, how do you go from bodybuilding but then I get that because it’s exercising. You can sculpt your body but how do you from like that to wrestling? That’s even more amazing story.

Start of Wresting Career

Silvie: I am telling you the story is coming. Anyways, I did really well and then one day not too much later when I left maybe six months into my manager job, I lost my job. So I was there, single mom, no money, new car, payments, and I am like what am I going to do. I am like no way I am going to go on welfare, I am not going to make out of like a living for $1,000 or $2,000. So I am started to think so I am like okay now or never, I am going to follow my dreams. So I started to work on my own first as an aesthetician. I opened my own business, very small. I started to make some money.

So I always to be a bodybuilder, why not. So I started to go to the gym. You know me believing I am going to be a bodybuilder. I met someone who is a person I trained who used to be a bodybuilder. She helped me and I started to realize that my body is changing. I started to look really good. I used to be 200 and something pounds. I was a big girl. I was like a fat girl. I have never been overly pretty. I was just a little bit always overweight and a lot of overweight.

I started to look amazing. I am like you know what I am going to take this to the next level. Many of the books that I read I always remembered on the book, or they did this, they did that why couldn’t I do it? So I took it to the next level so I put my mind to it that I am going to enter now whatever months from now, I said to myself a competition. I put a date on to it and I get a personal trainer and then I became this a fitness model at that point and I had a great body I never had before. I was in front of the mirror 24/7 let me tell you that much. I couldn’t believe that’s my body. I had a beautiful body and very fit and very healthy, strong, a lot of self-confidence that I am able to do whatever I want to do.

I was competing for a couple of years and I had bigger, smaller success in the two years and then I realized you know what I have done it. I become Miss Fitness Star Canada 2011. I wanted to go for the bigger stage like National. What I realize is that it’s a lot of work I already done it anyways so what is the point for me to struggle to be in a diet 24/7 for years when I want to enjoy my life? I am like okay what is my next dream and I am like yeah I always wanted to be wrestler.

Wrestling is coming from again when I was a kid from watching TV in a communist country and it was big deal to me watching these people and I was always amazed by these wrestlers. How are they doing this? And as a kid, I was picturing myself walking down to the ring and they are yelling my name blah-blah-blah and I am like you know what I am going to stop the body building now and I am actually going to go to wrestling. But I started out really late. didn’t start when I was 18, I started in my early 30s. It was a big deal because you’re actually retiring at that age.

Dan: Yeah most people retire at that age. You’re getting into it. What did people say to you at that time?

Silvie: They said that I was stupid. Everybody is just really negative—you’re not going to make it, you’re too old

Dan: You’re going to hurt yourself.

Silvie: I am like 31 years old and I am like why do they say I was too old. I look great, I feel great. They meant like 31 was like you go and retire at 31. Most of the girls are retiring at their early 30s mid-30s. I am like you know what I am going to be the odd one out because I am going to make it. And the more they told me that I am not going to make it, the more I went for it.

Dan: The more doubters, the more determined you are.

Silvie: I am not a competitor, I wants there to compete. What I wanted to do is to create my dreams, to live it, to create it, to feel it, to know how does that feel. I felt that power in me that I am able to do that. I grew into that. It didn’t just come into me that, it did come into me that I am going to be a wrestler, it’s true. This I show it came but I was growing into it. I felt that I am able to do it that I was good enough for it. I didn’t let myself down because I said to myself I am not going to listen to other people because they want you to fail. By human nature, people don’t want you to be ahead of them.

Dan: Correct because it makes them feel like they should do something with their lives, that it makes them feel like a failure so they don’t want you to get ahead.

Silvie: Most of the people, do nothing for their dreams. Nothing. They go to work every day. They do whatever they think they have to do for the money, to bring food on the table and then they are watching TV and when actually someone in their surroundings starting to succeed, they are not going to be nice. Anyways, I don’t want to go detailing it. Believe it or not, one day I was in the gym and I am doing my exercise and then this guy came to me. I don’t know the guy and then he goes, what are you getting –I was very known in the gym because I was competing.

So this guy come to me and said what are you doing these days, are you getting ready for another show and I am like no actually I have decided I am not going to do another one, I want to be a wrestler. It was ridiculous when I think about it now. And then he goes oh. He is like, my best buddy of mine used to be in WWE and he hooked up in Toronto with one of this training facility, if you want I can get you in. I was like, are you kidding me? You know like from the WWE guy, who is hooked with the one of the best training centers which is hard to get in. I am like, oh my god, I would love to.

So the guy called right on the spot and I am not even kidding, the next day I was in the school. This really happening, it’s meant to be so I am going to go for it. I was so determined. I was dreaming of it every day. I started visualizing a lot. I started to image myself walking down the ring. They are going to announce my name. I sealed this dream when it was coming from my childhood when I wanted to be a famous singer, an actress and I was thinking what’s going to be my name. I originally wanted to be Silvie Silverstone but I don’t wanted to steal it from Alicia Silverstone and I am like okay, Silvie and I’m like silver sounds pretty good and it was always what I was dreaming of. This is how Silvie Silver came.

Silvie Silver as a Brand

Dan: It’s actually a phenomenal personal brand like in marketing. With marketing that we study through different brand, I was going to ask you, I don’t know if you picked that on purpose but you look a lot like great brand, the way they sound let’s say Google or coca Cola, there are these syllables. So your name is actually a phenomenal brand and it’s very memorable when you have a name like that.

Silvie: thank you. I thought of that when I was thinking of a name. I said to myself, it must be really catchy. So it has to be almost like a rhyme. So I came up with the Silvie Silver.

Dan: That’s awesome. When you got into wrestling, were you thinking of competing or you were just like you know what I am just going to follow my passion and see where this takes me, I just want to do it?

Silvie: No, you never go like that. You never go like that as to you where you see how this take it. It’s based on a time, no. From the first moment I said, I’m going to make money from this I’m going to be famous and I want to be one of the top girls worldwide. That was when went to it like that. But I had so much self-confidence from the body building and succeeding with my life. I truly believe that I can do it. I have done it without any help. If anything I have been put down many times out of lots of jealousy and I think I succeeded in my age and with my background because I never meant to compete.

I didn’t want to look better than that girl, I didn’t want to look younger than that girl, I didn’t want to be more skillful. I wanted to be me. I wanted to be the best for me and for my dreams. I wanted to create and I didn’t want to compete. This is my big deal in life that I do. I know it seems like I was competitive because the type of business I am but trust me I am not. I am not looking at other people. I am not going at other people. Because if you are looking at it that way, then you become uncertain. I am really good for this. I didn’t want to take that chance away from me. I never done that. I am always just something like, no I am going to create myself the way I thought of it.

Dan: that’s actually a very profound lesson. Because one thing I teach entrepreneurs is yes you want to look at what you competitors are doing but the same time who you’re competing with is with ourselves. That we want to up the game, we want to raise our standards and we want to be the best that we could be through business or through sports or through athletics or whatever. Because if we are always looking at what other people are doing then it’s always the mentality of I want to beat that person. I want to win. Sometimes, that may be not the best attitude. So I totally agree with you.

Silvie: To me it’s very toxic that way, I feel it’s intoxicating my mind and my feelings and I become jealous and I have all of these negative feelings and I am going to become less confident in my work. So even with my business today, I never check my competition. I don’t want to see their website, I don’t want to see what they are doing, I don’t want to see how much they are doing it for. I do whatever I think in my mind. I want to experience it out of my own experience. I do read lots of books. I do read business. I do related stuff to my business obviously. I have to get this stuff from somewhere, but I never check my competition because that would take away from me and that would intoxicate my mind.

Dan: So I have to ask this question. So when you’re in stage, you see it like when you’re in wrestling, your opponent in like beating each other, killing each other. Off the stage, I bet you guys are mostly part friends.

Silvie: No, nobody liked me—the girls.

Dan: Nobody likes you.

Silvie Silver’s Layers

Silvie: No, no, not that way. They always felt very threatened because I take the shine and they felt they are working for me, maybe I wasn’t always very humble. I learned to be very humble because at first I was like, I was so self-confident. Yeah I am going to do this, I learned the business. I had no idea how this business goes. The more I learned, the more I had to change my attitude and my thinking about it. If I wanted to make it and I became more humble. I was always bee this nice, believe it or not, just going to the show a couple of hours before I had my own room. I didn’t want to talk to anybody, I just want to think about my match because that’s another thing for me. It used to be another thing on how my mind work on these matches. It’s very dangerous. It could be very dangerous and physical.

I had a couple of times where I said I am so lucky I did not break my neck or my head or my back. I went in, I meditate. I visualize my match. I knew because as soon as I see who I am going to work together with—this is what they do. When they see they are working with me, they go and they Google, they Google your matches. They want to see what you are up to. I have never done it. I know the move son that person, what would be the best for me and I visualize it on my mind what I’m going to do and I walked the whole match in my mind. I knew that I am going to walk out there I am following what was already made up on my mind earlier. This is why I was so successful because I already knew what I’m going to do.

Well, there are always surprises and stuff like that but then you’re a professional and you know how to take care of the problem. Before you are getting to a ring for real time before you debut you have to train years. I have been trained by the bets for a long time before I was able to be debut. So you would know but they never really liked me because they always felt that I take away from them. But it wasn’t me. It’s my charisma, it’s my energy, it’s how I see life. I’m a very spiritual person. If they would know this girl meditate three times a day, always reading–

Dan: Yeah I can see where this connect. Oh my god, Silvie Silver on stage and she also very spiritual person which knowing you of course I know you are and I believe because you are a spiritual person that you have achieved the success that you have. So I find it fascinating when people get to know you. You know Silvie has got a different side of her.

Silvie: But nobody knew this side of me as a wrestler because I had to stick to my character.

Dan: yeah exactly the character, the brand. We understand that though.

Silvie: I branded myself and I had to keep myself to that brand and that was the expectation of me.

Dan: Yes, you have to be tough and mean and kind of like ruthless. We get it. We totally get it. I think your fans will get it as well. We are talking with Silvie Silver, we are just having a conversation here, talking about life, talking about business, talking about law of attraction let’s take a break and when we come back we will continue the conversation.

Dan: Welcome back, so Silvie, talk to me about from there you were competing and from competing, were you winning like matches right from the beginning or was there was like a period of time you went the opponent is very tough or what was like?

Silvie: None of them is, what can I say.

Dan: You just go in and you would dominate. I love the attitude.

Silvie: I was always better than them. My mindset was always better than theirs.

On Mentors and Trainers

Dan: I’m curious. Some of them they are maybe younger than you, they are maybe faster than you. First of all were you training differently? Number one, that’s the first question and also how important it is your trainer or your mentors to you during those times?

Silvie: Very important. My mentoring was very important to me because I want to learn the business from more than the physical side of it. I wanted to understand the psychological side. It’s not that easy to get it. It took me a long time by the time I got what it is about and how my work should be. I started out in Canada. When I debuted I had instant success. Everybody wanted to book me, come here, come there and I am not even kidding like right on I was booked for almost a year after my debut.

Most of the girls are struggling to get a booking, you know once a year here. It’s not as easy to make it on here because it is very competitive. Right away they hated me. Like, oh my god how is she getting all these bookings, blah-blah-blah. And then they kind of like refused to work with me. Only a few would worth with me in Canada. So they pushed me done to the States. I said, you know what you guys are not going to stop me, I am going to the States. So I went to the states I put the word out that I’m taking bookings in the states.

Right away, the States picked me up. So I started to work in the States and then I became very popular very fast, thank God. I started to realize that I wanted to realize my dream that what is important to me. Wrestling is coming from Mexico. It’s huge in Mexico. If you’re a wrestler there and you’re somewhat popular, you’re the biggest seller, big word than in Hollywood personality.

Dan: In Mexico?

Silvie: Big, huge. So I said why don’t I go to the roots of wrestling? So started to get some friends and some connection. I started to go to training in Mexico. Right on guess what, I started to go to the biggest company possible. They took me in. They offered me a job and they wanted me to move in Mexico. I was just really scared because I was a single mom and I had a little kid. I mean like Mexico City is not necessarily the dream city you want to live in. it’s very rough. But I started to go there for mentoring and training and I can say I have been mentored and trained by the world’s—I can tell probably the second most famous trainer in the history of wrestling. That was huge to me and he offered me a job saying that if you move here, you’re going to be the main person here.

They saw lots of potential in me. Mexicans love different people. Me being Canadian because I live in Canada but they also knew that I was European. You see it was a big deal to them so they made me their celebrity because they loved the combination which is so rare down there. That’s where I have been trained a lot and that’s where I think I learned a lot but then of course I learned in Canada in my training facility and this is where I started to become really famous and really successful in wrestling in Mexico. From there on, I got so many titles so many winnings and awards that I can’t even remember all of them.

I became top five Canadian, top five American, top five Mexican, top 100 worldwide. So my career was amazing. Some woman who is out there who is trying to work and they work hard and they are not getting anywhere. They are not getting any booking. They were not even ranked into top thousand. Nobody even know their name. So I reached this success because of the law of attraction because of my mindset and my spirituality and my beliefs that I learned consciously. I love what I was doing. I was so happy. I was full of life, I was full of energy. It was just flowing to me, it was given to me. I did not struggle a day. I decided to retire because I was getting a little bit too old. Older than the majority of the girls in the business, not because I looked old. People still think I was like 27 years old. It’s not a secret anymore that I am 38.

I really wanted to work on my business and just put my life into different direction. I really wanted to succeed in business. I enjoy business. I love business. I love to use my mind and my creativity and put it out there and make it work. I love my idea becoming reality and I see it. It’s amazing, the best feeling ever. So I decided to retire from wrestling so I can focus more in different directions in my life. It was very hard to retire from wrestling because it’s hard to walk away when you’re the best. People want you around and then you want to. Let’s say in my birthday, I would receive like 1500 emails in three hours. It was very hard to walk away from that kind.

Dan: The attention, the love from the fans and everything. Of course definitely.

Silvie: But I did because I said it. I said I want to retire and I want to focus from this and that and I have done it. I was able to walk away without going back. Like oh just another match because I want my fame to shine again. No I don’t have to. I have done what a person can do in wrestling or that type of business and my name is always going to be out there. It’s untouchable. I made it and that’s what is important that I was living my dream.

Lessons Learned from Show business to Entrepreneurs.

Dan: Silvie, there are many things we have touched up on. It’s like what you talked about like Muhammed Ali, Michael Jordan. It seems to me that once you achieved greatness you climbed that one mountain, let’s say the body building, or even singing, and you say let’s move on to the next thing. You can’t go down and you move on to the next thing and now you’re climbing a new mountain which is business.

I like how you approached, you mentioned it a few times it is maybe even subconsciously but you are approaching learning the business of wrestling, the entertainment, the show business. You are not just approaching it’s just a sport, I am just an athlete, I’m an entertainer. No you say I am here going to learn the business aspect of this wrestling, how this work, how you brand yourself. So what are some of the lessons you have learned in show business that maybe applicable to entrepreneurs, any entrepreneurs?

Silvie: this business, the roughness of it and it’s very touch, entertainment. So you know how many people want to be in entertainment and become like a celebrity and famous? I said I want to be the best and the well-known, the most well-known. I never said I want to be a celebrity. I never said I wanted to be the best like you know Muhammed Ali. Even before he would become anything, he said I am the greatest. So he keeps lying to himself and he never been that great but because he believed in himself that he is the greatest, he is the greatest and people believe it. It’s what you believe, the people will believe because your belief is the truth. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain because of my English.

Dan: I totally understand because I have operated based on that principle in my business career. I call that act as if.

Silvie: I do the same.

Dan: So what you’re saying is, if I understand correctly, is example, let’s say if I’m the speaker at the beginning of my career I wasn’t that confident. I don’t have that much experience but when I go on stage and act as if I am a confident speaker, I am a charismatic speaker, I am an inspirational but after some time then suddenly people starts telling you, you are very inspirational, you are very motivational. You are very confident and after in the validation, acting as if I am confident speaker then I am a confident speaker. I think that’s what you’re saying.

Silvie: Then you realize that you are a confident speaker.

Dan: Yeah that’s right. Someday you’ll wake up and say yeah I am confident. So you operate from the same belief. Interesting. So again what about the lesson. Some people would want to get in the business, they want to be famous, they want to be a celebrity. They want to make a name for themselves but so many people fail.

Silvie: That’s wrong, that’s the wrong attitude to do anything. It’s not the truth. I mean you want to be the best and the greatest that’s the attitude. I cannot tell you how many people would love to be a celebrity and they do everything what they could but that’s not the right attitude. Then it’s easy to say I want to be a celebrity and it’s never going to work that way. I want to be the greatest, I want to be the best, I want to be the most well-known for my greatness because I believe I am the best because I am unique.

I always believe in this and that work because if you believe in that you really are. That’s how people are going to see you. That’s who you are. So all of a sudden you become everything what you always wanted to be and the people are believing you in that way. So you are who you are what you believe who you are. A lot of people, actually most of the people who wants to make it in the business or any business it’s just the wrong attitude and the wrong thinking and they think it’s a competition and they are thinking you have to step on to the other to get ahead. It’s not true. It’s never going to work. You have to be a creator. You have to be unique but you have to make yourself believe that you are unique first before others will believe you are unique.

Creating Her Character

Dan: Speaking of your brand that you mentioned that you created, you came up with this character that you know—how did you come up with that character? Is it because you talked to other people and you are thinking well this character is most memorable? What was it like?

Silvie: My character has a very interesting, very unique story. You see I believe it, it’s very unique. The view that I wanted to be the most loved. I mean you don’t want to be hated. That’s negative but when you get into the business side of the business, investing, then you are realize that someone has to be hated. Because that’s the point. The good person and the bad person. I always wanted to be the good person because I wanted to have that positivity and I felt like I was beautiful and good-looking, everybody should love me. It didn’t happen that way because I was actually loved so early on that everybody else started to hate me in the business.

All of the sudden, I didn’t know what was going on and I cannot be this most loved person anymore. I am like, you know what, it was just like I was the most infamous girl and I said I am going to use this. If they don’t want to love me, they can hate me. That was my attitude and I created Silvie in the way that I am on the edge. Like in the borderline, that they hate me but they loved to hate me. I was pretty but I can be pretty ugly making faces. Because I loved having fun and I don’t necessarily want to be the most beautiful but I loved making faces and comedy that was always unexpected from me. They always though this beautiful girl going to come in to the ring. They did not expected that I’m going to start to make fun and I am going to make faces and all of the sudden I am ugly-looking.

Dan: That’s very entertaining to an audience.

Silvie: Yes. People are always surprised like oh my gosh Silvie is actually so cool. That became my brand that I sued the negativity to create my way. No press is bad press or good press. It’s a press. Then I used that too. I said okay and all of the sudden that I realized that this character is somewhat close to my own personality. It was easy to act. Acting was very easy to me. Someone told me—can I say names?

Dan: Yeah of course.

Silvie: From WWE, he is now a legend. He is a WWE legend now. Tatangka, I don’t know you guys will know about him but he is an extremely person, very kind, very spiritual, very good person. One time I worked a lot with him and he helped me a lot because he knew what I was going through with all the people. He said, you know Silvie, you are who you are, don’t go too far away with your character from who you are because if you have to act too much you’re going to forget about wrestling. And you’re going to ruin the match.

You’re going to make mistakes so just stay close to your own person and that’s what going to work for you. I realize this is actually working for me to be funny, to be negative, to be positive to be good, to be bad and I was able to do whatever I want. I was controlling the ring. So I turned the negative to positive.

Dan: I can see form an audience point of view, they can experience just watching you that range of emotions. That like I said funny, could be a humor, it could be anger, it could be rage but also at the same it’s purity. No wonder that definitely you stand out because you’re so different from everybody else and then and then just like what you said, the attitude that you have you know what this is my stage, my show. Welcome to my home, right? But anyone steps on the ring it’s like it’s your show. It’s like you have already won before they even stepped into the ring.

Silvie: Yes exactly and I have never have to worry about my character in the ring because it was me. It was coming truly from the bottom of my heart and it was easy to do. So I was able to focus on my moves and my match and make sure that I was safe and my character was just me. In a way me means obviously not me but it was close to me. It was so easy for me to give.

Dan: It’s part of you and you take the certain characteristics on the ring that you amplify it, you may exaggerate it but it is still part of who you are.

Silvie: Somewhat yes.

Silvie’s Brand’s Role in her Transition to Business

Dan: That’s interesting, that’s very interesting. So going to I guess your third career because the first one, bodybuilding, wrestling, now business. Did the fame from wrestling helped you in business? Were you able to utilize some of that in the business world? Were you thinking like doing something from scratch? What do you have in mind?

Silvie: Absolutely. It did help me in so many ways. First of all, it made a very confident person that I can do whatever want to do and I can be whoever I want to be in this life. It helped me. I don’t know how much you knew about building but I got a couple of very nice position I never even dreamed of. On Toronto Pro Super Show. For example, it’s the third largest fitness show after Arnold. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Do you know what I am talking about?

Dan: Yes. Of course.

Silvie: This is the third largest after him. This is going to be fourth year. I have been asked four years ago to be the director of wrestling. Because I used to compete for this federation and they loved my success story. At that time I was on TV and magazines all the time and they just loved the fact on how much I have succeeded and they asked me to take care of the wrestling and bring wrestling to Toronto pro super show because there are so different. They have different parts. It’s a whole three-day expo of any kind of sports. I did. The first year was a little bit slow, I didn’t know what was I doing. The second year was better. The third year was amazing. I am so proud to say that I was the director of Toronto Pro super Show. It’s amazing how tight scan make you happy.

Dan: The identity, the label.

Silvie: Yeah I like this label. This gives me a lot of self-confidence and boost and power. But I truly enjoy the work and getting there before it and the people of to be honored these wrestlers. I want to help the ones who are just starting out because I know how hard to get a booking. I know how hard this to break into the business and these kids who are just starting out and nobody are supporting them. I want to give them a chance to perform to a large audience and try themselves out. That was my point of view to take this position.

I wanted to help the ones who can get any better. Give them a chance. Now, every year the show and we have a very large audience. Like we have over the two days 20,000 people and out of the 20,000, three-quarters of them come in and watch wrestling. I am so happy that I have these people who they feel honored to be on my show. I was just a nobody a few years ago and to perform for these people, it’s important because of the best of the best athletes coming around the world, from Mr. Olympia, to I can’t even say it and they are all there and they are watching them. When they are 17, 20 whatever years old, wrestlers who ever had a chance and I give them a chance. That’s amazing. It’s a very good feeling and I want to keep that. I don’t want to bring any names in. I don’t want the best, I want these kids to be able to work.

Dan: Yes, you work now as someone who have a lot of experience. You are passing down the wisdom to the younger generation and the knowledge that you have which is interesting. Now I can see because one of the things that I teach entrepreneurs, sometimes they see what I do, you know 21 plus companies, they think what I do is like all these different things but what I actually do, if you analyze it, dissect underneath it’s all connected.

From the surface it may seem so different types of industries and businesses but underneath it, there is this theme, underlying theme that unify everything, every business that I have. With you, I am thinking of, well you know what you have always wanted to be an entertainer. You got into bodybuilding and that’s how you became strong. That’s how you worked your body.

From there, you are building on that success that you have then going into wrestling. Then from wrestling now also the business that you’re in from that success, the fame that you have—it’s almost on more building on one success on the other versus, people might see it’ like two or three different careers. The way I see that you do it it’s more building on one thing to another, one foundation to another foundation.

Silvie: It’s very important to me to be me and these whatever I am doing right now, always have been in me and I wanted to do it. I always wanted to be this or that or a business or writing a book. Those are my, now I can say goals but they used to be my dreams. You know how much I enjoy life, to go from one test to another test and I have done that and I have done that. It’s amazing. But I am a very creative, colorful person but I am only doing one thing at a time. You’d always help doing in my business now I’m not going anywhere from my business until I have succeeded the way I wanted to succeed. Then I do that I might go to my next subject.

Dan: maybe another 10 years later, it feels like it’s almost like every 10 years or five years or something like that. That next career change.

Silvie: Then Silvie Silver brought me around the world. I met so many people. I have such good friends from all around the world. I have worked together with the best of the best of the best selected athletes and I am one of them and they I say, I almost don’t even believe it but I know with my brain that I am one of them. That’s an amazing just to know that like it brought me about I traveled so much in my life because of Silvie Silver, because of my brand, because of my thoughts, because of my ideas, I was able to travel the world. I was able to see and meet people you would never even dream of. Not you probably but I am talking about on average. That’s Silvie Silver brought to me.

The Law of Attraction

Dan: Silvie, I have one more question before we go, because you talk about dreams, you talk about goals, you follow your passion and having the purpose. Now when you were young, when you were a little girl, you have these dreams and now you’re making these dreams into realities one by one. You talk about law of attraction and I think a lot of our listeners they often limit the law of attraction. But I think the way you are applying it is a little bit different from everybody else because some people they listen to law of attraction they think I just kind of hope and think that things will fall on my lap but you know what you work hard. You work very hard. So how can we turn the law of attraction from your experience, what are the steps that you take to actually use it in real life and to apply it?

Silvie: To me law of attraction is that the opportunities in life or your what you ae attract to yourself. You are the one, the universe brings the opportunity to you because you wished for it. But you are physically the person who has to go out and do it. To me law of attraction is I want this. I want that, I want this. I mean it’s a different level for law of attraction too, right? When I wish for something or when I want something or when I visualize or when I apply the law of attraction, the opportunity always comes to me and I grab it. I still have to work. Nobody does it for me, I wish.

Dan: So lifting these dumbbells for you.

Silvie: Exactly. Can you do it for me Dan?

Dan: Maybe a couple of reps, that’s about it. Just a couple of reps that’s it. Silvie I need a break.

Silvie: No

Dan: It’s a little bit kind of what you said when you work in a gym, a guy talked to you and say you know what we know this training facility and you are just like that’s awesome. That’s law of attraction—things just happened but you’re the one who took action, hey you know what Toronto, I’m there, Mexico bam I’m there.

Silvie: That’s it.

Dan: That’s very interesting. Very interesting. It sounds so simple but sometimes I think entrepreneurs we need to hear that yes we visualize, we have manifest whatever opportunities show up but we have to take actions at the end of the day to take advantage of it.

Silvie: Don’t you think so?

No regrets

Dan: Absolutely agree. One more question, I you could travel back in time and have a five minute conversation with your former self, a young Silvie, maybe just share what would you say to yourself, maybe one lesson, one key take away, what would you tell yourself?

Silvie: To give myself an advice?

Dan: Yes.

Silvie: That’s a good one. I never thought of that. Because I was kind of like, I never have been unsatisfied with my life. So it’s actually a very simple question and I should be able to tell you but I never been unsatisfied with my life. I never complained. And I always thought my life is always going at the right direction. Sometime sat the right times.

Sometimes sooner or later but it goes on the way I wanted to go but if I can go back in time and I was like a child or whatever I will just tell myself start everything earlier. But it’s not even that. I think I have to grow up to this or learn on my way to be able to handle all of these what I have done. Who knows, maybe in my 20 I couldn’t do all of these because I would be serious enough. Maybe my maturity was late. But you know not really. There is no advice to my younger which I think I am good.

Dan: That’s very interesting because then you are not only grateful for what you accomplished but like you said you don’t complain.

Silvie: No I am very satisfied. Every day I have a very good life, I have great life in the way I want it and 90% of the time it always goes that way. I am not dissatisfied, very rarely. Always been, yearly round too and I am not regretting anything or feel like that I was wasting my time anywhere with anything I have done in my life because I think that’s how I have to be. Maybe you know in 20 years I will look back from my villa in Mexico, I am just kidding but no I don’t think I have an answer to your questions.

Dan: That’s awesome. You have an answer more perfectly than anyone else actually, I think that I have interviewed.

Silvie: Thank you.

Dan: That’s fantastic. Well Silvie thank you so much for inspiring us today with your story and of course with your generosity with your ideas and thoughts and I am going to Toronto in November so we’ll do dinner for sure. It’s great and I think just sharing your thought and open, and people get to see a different side of you, your spiritual side and I don’t think you have shared this on many other platforms or anything like that.

Silvie: Never. Never because I always had to give what they wanted to hear. This is the real deal and I am a person just like you or just like the person who sits in the audience and I am not different. Just the way I am thinking and the way I am applying things and the way I learned things might be different and that take me to succeed but this is who I am. I am not really that fancy girl or maybe.

Dan: Part of you yes.

Silvie: Looking at my pictures I might be.

Dan: That’s’ awesome.

Silvie: But I am just a person too. Not different than others. It’s good to put it out there.

Dan: Silvie thank you so much. We love you, I love you and all of your fans love you. I mean you’re amazing.

Silvie: Thank you so much Dan.