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Ep. 027 - Tech CEO Who Sold His Company To Yahoo
For $300 Million Dollars In Cash

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Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #027 with Gurbaksh Chahal:

Gurbaksh Singh Chahal is an internet entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist who by age of 25 had created and sold two advertising companies for 340 million dollars. He is one of the richest Indian Americans to have acquired such wealth under the age of 30.

Chahal was born on 17th July 1982 in a town of Punjab in India. When he was three his parents won the American Visa through the Green Card Lottery and by the next year the family moved to San Jose, California. Chahal dropped out of high school to work at ClickAgents, his first business venture which was an advertising network.

By 2000 Value Click offered to buy the company for $40 million as an all stock merger with Chahal signing a three year non-compete agreement. Four years later Gurbaksh Chahal founded another advertising company by the name of Blue Lithium. It was an ad network which focused on behavioral targeting. The company became an innovator in online ad space. In 2006, Blue Lithium was recognized as a ‘Top Innovator’ and by 2007 it was the 5th biggest ad network of the US and the second biggest in the UK. That year Chahal’s luck once again took his side asYahoo! purchased Blue Lithium for 300 million dollars with Chahal remaining as the Chief Executive Officer through this changeover.

After the purchase of Blue Lithium, Chahal did not sit idle. He planned to make yet another company and in 2009 founded his third online ad company ‘gWallet’. However, this time the emphasis was on something new; real-time advertising. On 1st December 2009 gWallet raised $12.5 million  from Trinity Ventures, Stanford University, Adam Street Partners and many more. In October 2010 the non-compete agreement with Value Click ended so Chahal re-entered the online ad business by beginning RadiumOne which by 2012 had crossed $500 million  in value.

Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • How to ingrain hard-work, loyalty and an ownership mentality into every employee of your business and into the DNA of your company culture
  • How to eliminate limiting beliefs forever
  • Why “The Mona-Lisa” is the greatest painting of all time and how to use the “Mona-Lisa Principle” to build the greatest business of all time
  • How to create major wealth from nothing for yourself and for everyone around you
  • The world’s greatest gift you can give to an ultra-successful entrepreneur (hint: it’s something important money can’t buy)
  • Why entrepreneurs worth hundreds of millions dollars or billions of dollars work even harder after they’re rich
  • How to adapt your business in a dynamic ever-changing world
  • Why a business plan is a complete waste of time and what to do instead to present your business to investors
  • How to be a highly respected and highly effective CEO even if you’re much younger and less experienced than most of your management team
  • How to instantly know if someone is a good fit to work in your company in 5-minutes or less
  • The shocking predictions of the future of the Internet
  • The behind-the-scenes creation process of a company doing $200 million dollars in revenue in less than 18 months
  • And much, much more!

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The Dream” by Gurbaksh Chahal


“Dream big and hustle harder.”

“Life is not a lottery. You have to put in everything you got.”

“Life gives you another chance and it’s just called “Tomorrow”.”

“When you spend all your time devoting towards fear, it basically gets your closer to failure.”

“The principles of entrepreneurism are about creativity.”

“In this day and age, time happens so fast.”

“There is no next Facebook.”

“People need to realize that part of entrepreneurialism is that 99% of everything you do to succeed is execution and 1% is the idea.”

“Entrepreneurialism is a form of art because it’s not static. It’s dynamic. It’s about realizing everything you can do and doing it without excuse.”

“You’re probably going to learn to make a business plan. Let me be the first one to tell you that’s the biggest waste of time.”

“I am a very hands-on CEO and I think every successful one should be.”

“If you want to play in the majors, you got to act like you’re major. If you want to be a billion dollar company, start acting like a billion dollar CEO.”

“99% of VCs don’t work hard. It’s the entrepreneurs who do.”

“Normally you know you’re a good marketer when people start copying you.”

“There isn’t a formula for what it takes to create a company. There is a formula of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. That means understanding the basics of supply and demand and creating value.”

“You have to be impatient if you want to be successful.”

“You can’t treat this as a job. If you treat this as a job, you’re going to fail.”