Free Exclusive Video Interview - Meet The $360-Million Dollar Man

Ep. 019 - How To Generate Rapid and Repeatable Revenue

with Greg Winston of Winston Communications

“If your sales training doesn’t change while the market is changing, you lose every time.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #019 with Greg Winston:

Greg Winston is the founder of Winston Communications, a consulting firm specializing in sales training programs that are customized based on current market trends.

Greg has developed a unique process of increasing sales based on the latest research in sales organizations with revenues from $2 million dollars and to $30 million dollars. At his live events, he begins ushering attendees through the proper mental process and maintains the focus on “intelligent selling” throughout his session. Greg believes that in tough times, sales intelligence is what separates marginal sales from record-breaking success.

During Greg’s sales career at Xerox, Greg regularly broke sales records that still remain today. At one point, Greg’s highest performance year was 1,003% more sales than the second most successful sales person in the company.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • How to quickly and easily persuade a prospect to be on your side in any sales conversation
  • How to use an ancient Asian secret known as the “Giri-System” and get an unlimited stream of leads and sales… all starting with just ten contacts that you already know
  • The “instant-success script” to start a conversation with a prospect then instantly be hand-delivered to a decision maker within any company
  • How to paint the perfect picture of your product and service over the phone
  • The proven sales-system to “steal sales techniques” and get 1,003% more sales than the next best sales person in your company
  • The simple steps to spot a “natural salesperson” and never run out of amazing sales people to hire
  • The step-by-step proven sales-script to get endless referrals by leveraging the powerful “6-Degrees Of Separation”… use this script to get referrals from prospects who don’t need or use your business
  • The easy-to-memorize questions that instantly increase chances of a sale by 80% or more
  • How to use hidden marketing strategies of the luxury market to create irresistible desire for your product or service
  • Amazing tactics to pinpoint “the one thing” in your sales process to multiply your revenue
  • How to motivate a salesperson to double or triple sales in 2 minutes or less – without offering higher bonuses
  • And much, much more!

Full Transcript of Interview:


“If you can see something others can’t see, you’ll be rich.”

“I don’t believe in cold-calling.”

“If your sales training doesn’t change while the market is changing, you lose every time.”

“If you start with the premise that selling is 90% thinking, you’ll probably never make another mistake as long as you’re in sales.”

“If you look at a sales team, it’s always a top 2% that are really successful. Then the middle group are marginal. Then the rest of them should be fired. It’s always like that, almost every single time.”

“I don’t know anyone who is wildly successful and they just fell into it.”

“What I do is I find an average person and help them perform above average.”

“I believe that selling is about building esteem.”

“You have to realize that we’re in an era right now that people are grading the content of your character. They are not grading your sales skills.”

“If you’re not using the internet to sell, you’re missing the boat.”