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Gene Landrum

Ep. 030 - How A Hall-Of-Fame CEO Created A Billion-Dollar Franchise

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"If you're happy with what you're doing, ask yourself: "When you're 80 years old, will you still be happy with not having chased your dream you might have had?"

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #030 with Dr. Gene Landrum:

Dr. Gene Landrum is a high-tech start-up executive turned educator and writer, and now a Professor Emeritus at Hodges University. Gene launched five successful ventures, the most noted being the Chuck E. Cheese chain of family entertainment restaurants – A BILLION DOLLAR BRAND.

In 2011, he was inducted into the CEO Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame.

Gene has appeared on 100’s of TV and 1000’s of radio shows including: Lifetime television, AP, and UPI. He has addressed congressional leaders in Washington DC, marketing groups, U.S. Inventors and has been a keynote speaker on motivation to many corporations.

Gene often lectures on the Art of Entrepreneurship & Intra-preneurship, Innovation and Leadership. His book Entrepreneurial Genius is used in a number of classes at Hodges University where he teaches. His doctoral work was on The Innovator Personality and led to a plethora of books on the psycho-biographical nature of what makes geniuses tick.

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur Gene has written 8 books including best sellers on innovation, entrepreneurial genius and the thinking styles of extraordinarily successful business leaders.

The most noted books are:

  • Warriors Who Win: Daring & Different (2011)
  • Sex in Pelican Place: In the Surf & Sand (2011)
  • Cover Your Assets & Become Your Own Liability (2010)
  • The Innovative Mind: Stop Thinking, Start Being (2008)
  • Paranoia & Power: The Fear & Fame of Entertainment Icons (2007)
  • Empowerment: The Competitive Edge in Sports, Business & Life (2006)
  • The Superman Syndrome – You become What you Believe (2005)
  • Entrepreneurial Genius – The Power of Passion (2004)
  • Eight Keys to Greatness – How to Unlock your hidden Potential (1999)

This interview gives you priceless insights not only into Dr Gene’s business philosophy that’s created multi-billion dollar annual revenues from scratch but also rare insights into some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds of the modern business era.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • The MOST shocking difference between male and female entrepreneurs (that the media doesn’t want you to know)
  • The story of building creating a billion-dollar franchise
  • How to “think and grow rich” using unconventional wisdom
  • The one wickedly-clever marketing trick to getting months of free publicity and advertising with the launch of a new business venture
  • How to start with zero dollars and reach Billionaire Status – with step-by-step instructions based on rare, insider stories of famous business people such as Michael Dell, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos and many more
  • The one weird “brain-hack” (that instantly unlocks superhuman skill) used by a 72-year old businessman to humiliate a 17-year old high-school Tennis champ in an epic tennis showdown
  • How to prepare an impressive speech (with minimal effort and preparation) and easily win over even the toughest crowds
  • The world’s deadliest “dream-killer” that’s proven to destroy 99% of an entrepreneur’s business-creativity by age 40
  • How to tap into your hidden, natural strengths to create multiple businesses – with profits AND fame that lasts a life-time
  • The most important piece of advice for young entrepreneurs who have a big life purpose and desire to be successful (you guessed it… it’s something you’ve never heard before)
  • And much, much more!

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“You have to decide if you want to make money or make sense. The two are mutually exclusive. If you chase money, you don’t get money.”

“There are 4 guys who are worth about $200 billion. Their names are Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs (he just passed away), and Larry Ellison. $200 billion. Together, they don’t have a bachelor’s degree.”

“You can’t learn new stuff unless you’re willing to go down strange roads.”

“IBM founder Tom Watson started it in about 1915. He said, “At the very beginning, I had a very clear picture of what IBM would look like when it was finally done.” He started with an answer.”

“You have to bet big to win big. You only win what you’re willing to bet.”

“If you’re happy with what you’re doing, ask yourself: “When you’re 80 years old, will you still be happy with not having chased your dream you might have had?”

“Our brains are programmed that they do not grow or expand unless you do new things.”