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Ep. 001 - How Ordinary People Can Build Extraordinary Wealth
With Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology

with Dan Pena of Quantum Leap Advantage

“I said in recent years political correctness is nothing more than a manifestation of a lack of self-esteem.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #001 with Dan Peña

Dan Peña is known worldwide as a leading high performance coach. Few have accomplished his level of success in coaching and in business. Working with high-performance entrepreneurs and corporate professionals alike, Mr. Peña has created over fifty billion dollars in equity and in value with his mentees. In doing so, Mr. Peña is also known as “The 50 Billion Dollar Man”.

Starting his career with only $820, Mr. Peña made an incredible $450 Million within eight years – in a collapsing market. His success only grew from there. For the past 20 years, Mr. Peña has impacted the lives of millions around the world through his Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology and coaching.

Dan Peña’s insights are as interesting as they are powerful in transforming ordinary people into high-performance, wealthy individuals.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • Why entrepreneurs today cannot compete with entrepreneurs from 20 years ago
  • Astonishing correlation between Donald Trump, political correctness, and success
  • Revealing the real skillset of a high-performance entrepreneur that makes them successful
  • Dominate your competition by creating high-impact branding like The Dan Peña Brand
  • Exploit two highly lucrative markets that The 50 Billion Dollar Man strongly recommends to anyone who wants to create a fortune
  • Must-hear insights into the mentorship experience with a ultra-high performance coach
  • Uncovering concepts on how to be a lousy manager while still making incredible wealth
  • And Much, Much more!

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Resources mentioned:

Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) –

Reflections and Confessions of the 50 Billion Dollar Man –

QLA Castle Seminar


“I said in recent years political correctness is nothing more than a manifestation of a lack of self-esteem.”

“Unless you’re around people that have big bodacious goals, unless you are being around people that think highly of themselves, then it’s less likely you will be a successful entrepreneur.”

“What I want you to be not just an entrepreneur, but I want you to be a high performance entrepreneur!”

“My market is not big because I’m only after the one tenth of a percent. That’s my market. That’s it. And that at the very most that’s the amount of people that are going to be willing to make that sacrifice those big sacrifices needed for high performance.”