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Ep. 023 - How To Go From Zero To $100 Million!

with Dale Hensel of

My management style is more of an “inspire and get the hell out of the way” style.

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #023 with Dale Hensel:

Dale Hensel is the head of new business development and expansion opportunities. His strengths include finding new business opportunities, new human capital and providing strategic direction. He mentors internal staff and the executive team to improve personal and professional skills that directly impact the bottom line.

With over 15 different company launches under his belt, this serial entrepreneur has moved mountains since 1991. A 2002 start-up launched from his garage grew into a public company, handling acquisition, servicing and disposition of non-performing mortgages. After operating as CEO for five years, he sold his position to a hedge fund. Shortly thereafter, he joined the online marketing and sales world with the launch of, and hasn’t looked back since.

His vast experience includes corporate finance, operations, process creation, and product creation, raising capital, investor relations, real-estate acquisition, multiple websites, policy implementation, formulation, corporate direction and strategic turnarounds. Dale successfully raised over $100M in capital over the last 15 years.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • How to buy 250 apartments in two-and-a-half years starting with no money and no connections
  • The perfect “four-hour workweek” business model and business niche that makes $250,000 a year online… done with only 1-hour of work a month
  • The proven, word-for-word script used to raise up to $100 million dollars from investors
  • How to structure “Triple-Win Deals” and walk away with the biggest payouts every time
  • Why smart entrepreneurs give first-round investors “brag worthy deals” and offer up to 85% equity in their business… and how this counter-intuitive strategy is a secret to long-term success
  • How to switch businesses (or switch industries) every 3-5 years… all while making more and more money each step of the way
  • The BIGGEST mistake 99% of business owners make when using SEO in marketing
  • How any man or woman can instantly remove fear of rejection (forever) and achieve the highest levels of success in life, business and beyond by knowing this one piece of wisdom on fear
  • The “3-Year Vesting Structure” every entrepreneur must know to protect their business
  • How to meet and leverage that ONE person who will pitch your business to 20-30 qualified investors who have money and influence
  • The key difference between a serial entrepreneur and a regular entrepreneur… and this answer is NOT something you know until you’ve run over a dozen successful companies
  • The ultimate secret to hiring a CEO that is accountable, loyal and hardworking to do all the work for you… all while minimizing the equity they own in your business
  • Why N.L.P. is a powerful-weapon every entrepreneur MUST know to be successful in business
  • And much, much more!

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Resources mentioned:

Neuro-linguistic programming


“I love the human animal because it’s so predictable.”

“Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. If you’re not willing to potentially screw up your life and everyone else’s life then entrepreneurship is probably not for you

“My management style is more of an “inspire and get the hell out of the way” style.”

“I just didn’t know it was supposed to be hard. I didn’t know that it’s supposed to be impossible.”

“Go do whatever you want. Don’t get hurt worse than a band-aid.”

“I can do anything. Even if I fail, at least I’m not dead.”

“Fuck calling your friends. Call some people with real money.”

“First of all, there’s money everywhere… I have an investor from Starbucks. Not the company, but the store.”

“If you give up just a little bit on the front-end, you can have unlimited amount on the backend.”

“Deal making is about structure. What am I going to give this person and this person to make them all happy, what can I do and give everyone a win?”

“Stop being so chicken shit. Stop being so scared. You’re afraid of the wrong shit.”