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Com Mirza

Ep. 039 - How Com Mirza Went from Broke to $500 Million

with Com Mirza of

“It’s amazing where you apply your focus and where you end up in life.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #039 with Com Mirza:

Com Mirza is a serial entrepreneur, investor and dream chaser.

He’s launched over 3 dozen companies around the world, made almost 100 Investments, mentored trained and coached thousands of entrepreneurs and has been a driving force in raising the level of contribution on the planet through his TheContributon.Org project.

Com started with a small lemonade stand at the age of 7, and today he runs 27 companies across 7 countries. 80% of his companies are technology related, and 20% are into real estate, hotels, agriculture, optical, franchise businesses, media production, transportation and events.

Com has amassed a personal net worth in the mid 9 figures.

He owns homes in 5 countries, a few hotels, and many real estate projects around the world.

He runs the Dream Chasing Family a community of over 45,000 people around the world who collaborate to help each other reach their dreams faster.

But he was not always this successful.

In fact he failed in his first 7 companies, went bankrupt and in debt on his 8th company, sold his 9th company and got out of debt and on his 10th company he finally made millions of dollars. Since 2003 he’s failed in over 40+ companies, over 60+ investments, and countless failures in projects and businesses.

He has perfected the art of never giving up, and learning from his failures to eventually build massive success. Today he is chasing his dreams of becoming a billionaire through his many diversified companies, businesses and investments and he wants to bring along hundreds of millionaires with him to the top.

He’s passionate about chasing dreams, personal development, martial arts, traveling, business growth, accelerated mental development and mindsets, contribution, legacy, impact, and combatting inequality, poverty, and illiteracy . He’s personally helped over 60 entrepreneurs add over a million dollars+ in revenue to their businesses and over 300 entrepreneurs to start with nothing, or very low revenue and scale to mid-high six figures.

He’s donated millions of dollars to charitable programs relating to education, food water, shelter, clothing and medicines primarily in the developing continents like Asia, Middle East and Africa.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • How rich investors fail at 85% of their investments and magically make more money in their sleep than 96% of society… this trick alone will open your eyes to why the rich get richer
  • The absolute, most-advantageous time to pivot or persevere in a business (based on a simple opportunity cost analysis)
  • The deadliest mistake that cause most entrepreneurs to go bankrupt and commit suicide shortly after (avoid this and reduce your risk of this mistake a.s.a.p)
  • What every investor desperately seeks in entrepreneurs… demonstrate these desirable qualities and you’ll have unlimited access to money, mentorship and connections anytime you or your friends need
  • The simple strategy that produces $20,000 a month in passive income (listen up because this is a blueprint to your dreams if you want to retire early and never worry about money again)
  • Why giving away money is more joyful than making money
  • The step-by-step guide to leveraging the 12 underestimated building blocks of internet marketing strategies that 10-100x any internet business (nothing you’ll learn in the next year will come close to how valuable this part of the interview is)
  • How to create a “virtual accelerator” and trade strategy for equity in companies (a rare secret you won’t find anywhere else)
  • The detailed-breakdown of an 80-hour workweek (that’s a schedule of working 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week… you will be shocked, but you will also leave with actionable insights)
  • How to quickly and easily go from making 6-figures to making 7-figures, 8-figures and beyond (hint: 90% is a shift in mindset and the remaining 10% is the secret weapon you’ll have to hear for yourself to believe!)
  • Why most entrepreneurs are reckless liars destined to ruin their own lives (there are real-life penalties for business owners who neglect the basics of business)
  • The #1 lowest risk investment you can make that is easy-to-understand and highly profitable… it works even if you’ve been out-of-luck and practically broke… if you’re doing okay financially then use this investment and you’ll be financially free much faster than you think
  • And much, much more!

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“You’re really betting on people, not the business.”

“You should have a fitness mentor, a spiritual mentor, a mix of mentors who can help you fully develop into what your real made up potential could be pretty much.”

“If you can’t sell an idea fast, you can’t sell it slow.”

“There are different types of mistakes in life – some are necessary, some are unnecessary. Entrepreneurs, more often than not, we make a lot of unnecessary mistakes.”

“It’s amazing where you apply your focus and where you end up in life.”

“You’ll always be rich but rich is just a temporary state – no one stays rich forever; they stay rich for a bit or they go broke. Wealthy is a forever state.”