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Ep. 062 - Building A Multi-million Dollar Franchise:
How Bedros Started From The Bottom And Is Now Living The American Dream

with Bedros Keuilian of

“Make people fall in love with you by being authentic, transparent, give people your best stuff and give people a peek into your real life”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #062 With Bedros Keuilian:

Bedros Keuilian is a high performance coach, speaker, and business consultant who shares building a multi-million dollar franchise. He’s the founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, a two time Inc. 5000 listed business and one of the nation’s fastest growing franchises, and an investor in over a dozen companies ranging from software, digital media agencies, and educational and consulting services.

He’s known as the hidden genius that entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and thought leaders turn to when they want to quickly scale their businesses and build impact-focused brands.
An immigrant from a communist country turned hugely successful entrepreneur, Bedros uses the stage, TV and social media platforms to share his personal Immigrant Edge and American Dream story to help inspire audiences worldwide to reach their fullest potential.

Bedros Keuilian has been featured and quoted in publications such as Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Home Business Magazine, The Native Society,, Franchising USA, RadioMD, Active, the Huffington Post,,, Dr. Oz, The Good Life, CBS Small Business, and several international business publications worldwide.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • The “heartstring” method to closing more clients and selling higher ticket items
  • What you’re probably doing dead wrong in your business and why you need to get recurring revenue NOW… unless you want your top clients to leave you
  • The difference between first world problems and third world problems and what to talk about in your mastermind… (hint: it’s not what you think)
  • Why listening to everyone else in your industry is BS and how to crush the competition… even if you’re just starting out
  • The top 3 lessons Bedros learned from his 60 year old, millionaire mentor when he first started out that caused him to create massive wealth quickly
  • His thoughts on building a multi-million dollar franchise
  • How to turn your business model into a cash generating machine with masterminds and live events
  • The secret to loading up your mastermind FAST without having to spend hours prospecting
  • How to get hours of FREE exposure on platforms in front of your perfect prospects
  • The single most important method to scaling a mastermind to over 200 people and how to make sure they become buyers for life
  • Why location matters and where you should be taking your next mastermind
  • What the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners know about personal branding
  • How to deal with Type A clients, win their hearts and make them listen to you
  • Why 1-on-1 coaching is DEAD and what you need to do instead to change lives and create massive wealth
  • And much, much more!

Full Transcript of Interview:

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“Your ability to buy doesn’t make you a client, your desire to buy makes you a client”

“Build your business with the assumption that if somebody wants to buy it, it’s a desireable business to be bought”

“You have to be able to breed coaches who aren’t going to be competitive”

“When you have Type A clients who believe that their way is the best way, you’re kinda butting heads with them so I sometimes let them not drown, but take on a little water and then save them”

“1-on-1 coaching is dead and it’s a waste of your time”

“Make people fall in love with you by being authentic, transparent, give people your best stuff and give people a peek into your real life”

“Show them your life and what you’re about”

“The more points of connection we have, the more affinity have, and the more trust and likeability”

“Stop being a wussy, take control of your situation and rise to your potential”