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Ep. 032 - 100,000,000 Views and Counting -
YouTube Superstar Aaron Marino Shares The Secrets To His Success

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“All of my videos, every single piece of content I put out, there's a specific reason I'm putting it out. It is helping somebody do something or solve a problem. It's a lot of how-to videos.”

Shoulders Of Titans Podcast Interview #032 with Aaron Marino:

Aaron Marino receives over 9 million monthly views on his Alpha M. YouTube channel and his men’s lifestyle blog Over the course of the past eight years, Aaron have helped millions of men from around the world realize their true potential and feel great about themselves.

Aaron have made it his life’s mission to reach as many men as possible in an attempt to develop a community of happy, healthy, well-adjusted and confident men.

Aaron has been seen on the ABC hit show “Shark Tank”, his content has been featured on websites such as Lifehacker, AskMen, Details, Men’s Health, Yahoo! Beauty and The London Times. He is also a regular contributor to Business Insider as a men’s style expert.

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Topics Discussed In This Interview:

  • Many of the secrets to YouTube success as outlined below:
  • Why advertisers are eager and willing to pay big bucks to YouTubers who have a “Lost Boys” audience (Tip: this is a highly lucrative market to target if you’re searching for a niche)
  • How to trick, hack and manipulate YouTube’s algorithm into promoting your channel to your target demographic using one simple, turn-key formula
  • The #1 priority of a YouTuber with under 100,000 subscribers
  • The powerful “psychology of jump-cuts” and why EVERY big-time YouTuber secretly uses jump-cut editing techniques to control the media
  • How top 1% YouTubers consistently and systematically create viral content (this strategy will put more money in your pocket than you can ever imagine… even if you’re not a YouTuber)
  • Discover how much money a YouTuber ACTUALLY makes… the exact dollar amount of Aaron’s YouTube income finally revealed!
  • The proven-steps to creating a massive audience of adoring fans who religiously hang-on to your every word (use this on any social media network)
  • How anyone with any background can make a 6-figure income sitting at home making videos with an iPhone
  • The strange hypnotizing powers of video marketing explained… and the truth of why YouTubers are now as popular as A-list celebrities (this will blow your mind)
  • The one advertising strategy expert marketers are calling “The Last, Unchartered Territory Of Online Advertising”
  • And much, much more!

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“YouTube puts you in somebody’s home, in somebody’s office, in front of them, and they get to know you.  And if you give them value, if you basically let them into your world, it doesn’t matter what you sell, it doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, it will open up so many doors and opportunities for you.”

“People have gotten to where they want everything now.  So if given the opportunity and the choice, somebody most of the time will pick to watch a quick, 3-minute, 5-minute video, as opposed to read a 500-word article or a post.”

“About 16 months after that, I had a million.  I gained 900,000 subscribers in that 16-month window.  And it took me 6 years to gain 100,000.”

“Consistency is king with YouTube.”

“All of my videos, every single piece of content I put out, there’s a specific reason I’m putting it out.  It is helping somebody do something or solve a problem.  It’s a lot of how-to videos.”

“If you have very thin skin and your feelings are hurt very easily, you probably want to seriously rethink posting videos.”

“The community is really going to help you dictate what content they like, what content they don’t like, when you’re doing too much advertising.  They’re going to let you know.”

“20,000 people have watched that video!  When you really think about it and you sit down–in the old school of blogging, for 20,000 people to read an article, that’s humongous.  That’s incredible.”

“Just make sure that you’re open-minded enough that if the universe and the market are telling you that you need to shift directions or change something, be nimble enough in your business and in your thinking to be able to make that shift.  It’s when you’re too rigid that disaster strikes.”